The accelerating pace of life, the need to have  everything – workplace, houses, facilities and leisure places increases the amount of people and traffic in the city. How shrinking the distances between all these daily visited points. Uproar, noise and constant movement becomes inevitable enemy, passively posing fatigue.

It is scientifically proved, that for example, to get a maximum concentration of a worker it is necessary to limit the sound polution in the premises. It is almost impossible to limit the sound from the outside, but you can take effective measures to improve conditions in the interior.

Materials and their properties plays a crucial role here.

1. Acoustic finish absorbs part of the sound, reducing reverberation


Acoustic panel – a multifunctional modern decoration for the interior. The market currently has a number of different manufacturers and different products, but we are going to talk about acoustic fibreplaster panels with natural wood veneer, where we chose to be their representatives for three main reasons:

1. Fibreplaster’s core – non-flammable, durable and long lasting material, which allows to reach A2-s1, d0 flammability class. Such an indicator can not be achieved with a simple wood! This is a mixture of gypsum and cellulose, where recycled paper is used. This composition is safe to human’s health, can be recycled and is environmentally friendly.

2. Natural wood finish – timeless, always fashionable and desirable element of any interior design solutions. Wood’s veneer has unlimited choices. The manufacturer has suppliers all over the world, you can choose from the traditional oak or ash, to exotic wood or choose from plywood, made by gluing several kinds of wood and cutting them, that’s how you get pattern’s uniformity, creating the desired shade.

3. Acoustic property choice will satisfy a variety of needs, from the echo supression in the staircase, to an even sound dissipation in the theather hall. Under the Construction Technical Regulation requirements for a reverberation time in the room, you can choose panels corresponding to B sound class (class A may be used for a finish based on a wool).a

2. For a swedish architect Ger Wingardh, source of inspiration in the theather hall – green apple.

3. Wood veneer painted green to maintain the natural texture.

4. From a plane panel formed 3D construction, which performs a function of the diffuser in a concert hall.

Also, we offer a different kind, an unique wall finishing system “LINEAR”, where are no panels used, but fibreplaster’s core bagguetes with wood veneer finish, mounted parallel to each other. This is on oppurtunity to finish curved walls or reach a very dynamic effect.

5. Linear system for walls and ceilings with lighting. There are used 2 different height of bagguetes.

6. Linear system for ceilings, there are used 4 different height of bagguetes for curved wall.

7. Linear system, the same height of bagguetes are used.

Linear system due to its structure, significantly increases the surface area of a wall and this increases the sound absorbtion and dispersion, these properties can be changed  when sellecting a different height of components, changing the space between them, and the construction behind a finish.


  1. theather halls, auditoriums
  2. schools, kindergartens
  3. offices, shopping centers
  4. hospitals, nursing homes
  5. hotels, cafes
  6. Public buildings

Acoustic panels finish effectively absorbs, reflects or disperses the noise, it can help to reach required acoustic properties, reduce the reverberation time (especially urgent in stairwells, corridors) and improves listening conditions in a confined space (the theather halls, the audience).

A big natural wood species, bright color finishes, or core colors choices will match any interior style. In addition to the aesthetic advantages of this material, manufacturer focuses on acoustic and fire resistance aspects. Perforated acoustic panel with a wood finish, can ensure A2-s1-d0 resistance to fire indicator. It is necessary to draw attention to the fact, that all these requirements are reached when all the panel layers are met together, not separately.

8. Acoustic panel with a black core.

9. There are number of a non-standart perforations/milling, it can be perforated by individual order. The panel acoustic characteristics depends on the pattern and the porosity.


The maximum dimensions of a panels can reach 3,05×1,05m or any smaller as required. We offer several aluminium profiles mounting systems according to the situation and the desired result – hidden, with an open aluminium, with LED backlighting, etc. It also produces separated panels for hidden radiators or access to communications.

10. Wall and ceiling finish, a flat plates. Installation leaving aluminium profiles open (for walls).

11. Ceiling panels with lighting from the other side.

12. Equal wall panels with integrated profiles for LED strips.

All acoustic panels systems are supplied fully equipped and ready for mounting – it is convenient, because the installation is quick and simple, elliminating potential errors and saving time.

Acoustic for your interior

So you can choose any natural decor of wood veneer, painted/ varnish it giving the desired color, you can choose from a variety of perforation patterns and combine them with black or white core color.

13. Acoustic ceiling panels with natural wood core.

14. Perforated wall panels with natural wood core.

15. Perforated, painted wall panels.

16.Perforated, painted wall panels.

17 Perforated wall and ceiling panels.

18. Perforated ceiling panels.

19. Wall panels with a natural wood core.

20. Wall and ceiling panels.

21. Curved wall and ceiling panels.