Acoustic fibreplaster’s panels for interior

The accelerating pace of life, the need to have  everything – workplace, houses, facilities and leisure places increases the amount of people and traffic in the city. How shrinking the distances between all these daily visited points. Uproar, noise and constant movement becomes inevitable enemy, passively posing fatigue.

It is scientifically proved, that for example, to get a maximum concentration of a worker it is necessary to limit the sound polution in the premises. It is almost impossible to limit the sound from the outside, but you can take effective measures to improve conditions in the interior.

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 NBK ceramic in Paris

Stable city is a challenge in the 21st century. And this challenge began in France, at 17th Paris district. This project illustrates the Paris city council and architects general idea. The desire to create stable, environmentally friendly neighborhood in the heart of Paris, corresponding at least the standart of BBC (low energy consumption).

To show that it is not only possible, but also requiring good quality and modernity. The project consists a kindergarten and primary school, 152 students accomodation facilities and kitchen.

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 Inspired by nature – SPA in Anyksciai

“A decade ago “SPA Vilnius” in Druskininkai became the first thing to foretold the revival of this resort. Now with the same enthusiasm we open a door of a wellness center in Anyksciai.” says “SPA Vilnius” general director Valdas Trinkūnas.

Team EXTERUS is also very proud and  happy to be a part of this wellness center.

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