“A decade ago “SPA Vilnius” in Druskininkai became the first thing to foretold the revival of this resort. Now with the same enthusiasm we open a door of a wellness center in Anyksciai.” says “SPA Vilnius” general director Valdas Trinkūnas.

Team EXTERUS is also very proud and  happy to be a part of this wellness center.

Author of the project architect S. Pamerneckis said that the reconstructed old building architecture was almost unchanged. “Although there have been a several ideas, we decided to keep the basic building volume and character, which responds the style of that period. However, the pool design was way more interesting, we chose a non-standart form of an ellipse. Because the natural factor was very important, we tried harmoniously integrate the object to the common area so the pool volume image wouldn’t be strange. It can be said that the expression and style of the building reminds the cone. Triangular shapes are very good here, because formating the volume allows you to create transition, so it makes the broken oval lines invisible” – explained S. Pamerneckis. In the general context to make these buildings not so preeminent it was chosen two dominant colors – dark gray and yellowish-pink.

Architects’s vision was made to reality

The general contractor who realized the reconstruction of the building and the new construction work – the company “Conresta” deputy director of the production Ernestas Šeženis acknowledged that this project was nothing but a challenge. SPA building is exclusive architecturally and in the construction point of view – there were many difficult decisions.

Company “Conresta” representative acknowledged that the main problem was the metallic elliptical dome construction which demanded the professionalism and artifice. “First of all we hade to insulate it and to make it hermetic and leakproof it was needed to form another frame all over it. This was fixed to the main dome, so the construction could withstand the wind loads. Decisions have been taken to prevent the occurance of the cold tracks. Needles were formed above the frame, which are made from individual segments – they had to perfectly fit into the desired shape. It was very difficult and high precision requiring work”.

For ventilated facades were supplied different manufacturers high pressure of laminate panels (HPL). The company “Exterus” supplied a high quality gray color HPL panels “Fundermax”, which is characterized by high durability, resistance to environmental effects, fade, moreover these panels are easily washed off graffiti paint. These features ensure that decorated facade panels “Fundermax” will remain stable and aesthetic for a long time.


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